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Which Cialis Pills to choose?

Not sure which Cialis pill is the best for you? Her at we give a complete overview of cialis pills and where to buy generic cialis online with discount and free shipping. However recently this website has moved and merged with the well known online drugstore called Pharmacy XL at and there you can buy all kind of Cialis (tadalafil) including the famous Cialis Jelly (not a pill, but in jelly format easy-to-swallow and easy to take with you) for very cheap prices and with free shipping, see below. Cialis is the world's ONLY and longest working erection pills on the market working 36 hours long thanks to the active ingredient tadalafil and because of this it works much longer than the alternative Viagra (sildenafil) variant from Pfizer in the USA. Viagra on the contrary is produced by Eli Lilly as a unique erection pill under its own brand name, while working similar, but longer or even better. Personal experience is that Cialis works better or the same than Viagra, but the good thing is that it works more than 36 hours long so basically all weekend long and therefore the perfect party pill too to take Friday evening and it works till Sunday! So you can order your Cialis Pill online today for a fraction of the retail price for around 1 USD per tablet.
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Different kind of Cialis for Men

- Generic Cialis
- Tadora
- Tadalis
- Cialis Black
- Tadapox
- Cialis Brand
- Tadalafil

Cialis for Women

Thanks to market demand and evolution now there is also a specific Cialis for Women available and it is called Female Cialis, similar like the viagra variant which is called "Female Viagra". Similar as with the male variant, the biggest advantage from Female Cialis over Female Viagra is the fact that it works much longer, similar like the male version 36 hours long. It is very normal nowadays, with men and women being treated equal in society and at work, also in terms of sexual pleasure, women should be able to have and use sex pills to improve their sexual life and even sexual health. Scientific studies showed that women which have a good sex life and enjoy orgasms during the sexual intercourse are healthier and friendlier and have a better relationship with both their partner, children, friends and family. So also try Female Cialis online today and start experiencing ultimate pleasure!
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